The interracial couple had been out of town, visiting their only living daughter. When they got back, they found their home defaced with swastikas. The words “white power” and “die n*****” were written on the walls. Vandals busted pipes, broke windows and stuffed drains.
“It was horrible and shocking to come home to,” Pat Jude told CNN. “This was our home. I just don’t understand why someone would think this is okay.”
More upsetting than the physical damage was the emotional harm. The crime caused the couple to relive decades of racism and injustice they endured because of their mixed marriage.
Joe, a black man, wed Pat, a white woman, in 1982. For years, they say, they endured verbal abuse and attacks. After 23 years, they headed from Orlando, Florida, to Cincinnati, Ohio, with their two children. But there, Pat says, the racial tensions got worse.
For Joe and Pat, the racial slurs and …