A woman who says she was raped 30 times a day for four years has now committed to travelling the world to help save other sex slaves.
Karla Jacinto spoke to CNN back in 2015 to describe how she became entrapped in Mexico’s sex trafficking industry, estimating that she was forced to have sex 43,200 times between the ages of 12 and 16.
Now 24 years old, Ms Jacinto has continued to tell her story in public speeches in different countries around the world.
In July she told her story to Pope Francis at the Vatican during a conference on modern day slavery.
Her aim is to raise awareness and protect girls and boys so they don’t suffer the same fate.
“I never imagined that the girl who used to stand on the corner wearing high heels, who was considered a prostitute, would feel so strong,” she told CNN’s Freedom Project. “Nowadays many people listen …