Most partygoers wouldn’t think to call Department of Public Safety and file a noise complaint for the party they are currently attending. For a group of University students at the 2 Dickinson St. Co-op, however, that was exactly the right idea.
On Dec. 3, students assembled at 2D for a party advertised on Facebook as “¿!¿! PSAFE Surprise !?!?” The game plan, as outlined in a post to this event, was simple: “we will call psafe on ourselves. psafe will arrive. we will surprise psafe with a cake. we will then party.”
Officers arrived shortly after the noise complaint was filed, by their own accounts unaware of the students’ plans. The first two officers on scene were greeted with a cheer of “We love you, PSafe!” that Sergeant Stephen Solovey described as “very overwhelming, in a positive way.” Soon, the first officers to respond had joined the party, calling in additional …