LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon — I had heard of lakes where the fish jump into your boat, but this was ridiculous.
Out on the water in Mike Jivanjee’s boat, a ten-pound Canadian goose flew right in.
Her name is Kyle, and she has a huge crush on Mike. The two live on Lake Oswego, Oregon, outside Portland.
Every day, Mike tries to tell her it’s over. And every day, Kyle says ‘No, it’s not.’
Kyle first fell for Mike two years ago as a gosling, after she was abandoned by her mother.
“One of my friends noticed her drowning in the water, like almost desperate, alone,” Mike said. “At any minute she would have been run over by a boat.”
So Mike took her in, and he took her everywhere.
“I just figured I would keep it alive long enough to be an adult and to fend for itself,” he …