Four machines and a dozen workers in a Chinese factory will be repurposed for a whole week, just to make about 1,000 Pearlized Green Tommee Tippee cups for 14-year-old Ben Carter.
Marc Carter needed to find a new cup for his severely autistic son, Ben. He’d had it since he was two years old and it was the only thing he’d drink from, refusing other vessels even to the point of dehydration.
But after a desperate social media post, Marc was inundated with offers for help and cups, including from the company who originally designed it.
Tommee Tippee, owned by the Mayborn Group, started looking for samples of their original cups as soon as they heard, including in their Dongguan factory.
“Although no leftover sample in the exact color was found, fortunately the manufacturing tools are retrieved and still in good condition,” Lo said.
It may take a bit of time to get the color …