ESPN reporter Holly Rowe was just out of surgery one day in February to remove a malignant tumor from her chest. She would tweet that surgery “went well,” but in reality, it was “one of the lowest points of my life.”
She lay on the ground, unsure how she could get past the pain and the nausea. “I felt mutilated,” Rowe said. “I felt broken.”
Then she saw a tweet from Pittsburgh football coach Pat Narduzzi. It was a short, 10-second video of running back James Conner, who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last December, running drills with a mask on after one of his chemotherapy treatments.
“I was shocked,” Rowe said. “I watched it over and over again. How is this kid doing this?”
That day, Rowe got up from the floor and walked three miles on the treadmill.
“Because of James Conner,” Rowe said. “Because he showed me what strength looks like.”
Rowe …