PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Three-year-old Tony Maschino would hear sirens, look for the lights, and wave to the passing fire truck or police cruiser.
“This is something he truly loves. He’s always been a fan of the Police and Fire departments. We’d be driving down the street and he’d be wanting to put his window down to wave to them. They’ve always been so kind to him,” his mother, Stephanie Maschino, said.
The toddler fell in October and was taken to the hospital. On Oct. 12, he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He was given just six months to live but his cancer has progressed faster than expected. It is only a matter of days now.
On Tuesday, the Fire Department loaded up four engines and two cars and drove the caravan up to the Maschino house with lights and sirens flashing. They were there …