Add another awful incident to the string of apparent hate crimes in New York City: A Brooklyn man has been arrested after he reportedly tried to pull of a woman’s hijab after getting ticked off in an alleged road-rage incident.
Michael Isakharov, 40, also shouted anti-Muslim slurs at 22-year-old Gehad Elsayed after the two had a run-in on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn on the morning of November 14. Elsayed she was making room for a driver — now ID’ed as Isakharov — to pull into her lane on the boulevard, when she noticed him staring at her. According to her, Isakharov followed her, and at the intersection of Avenue C and Ocean Parkway, pulled in front of her car and boxed her in.
“And then he gets out of the car,” Elsayed told the New York Daily News. “He starts yelling, ‘You Muslims don’t drive for a reason! Muslims aren’t allowed to …