A California mum who said she was “terrified” of undergoing a caesarean section has shared a photo of her surgery scar to encourage other mothers to let go of their “perfect expectations”.
Raquel Maldonado posted a photo of the scar to her Instagram account last week, following the birth of her daughter Alexa on November 5.
The photo was accompanied by a caption detailing Ms Maldonado’s fears surrounding the surgery.
“I was afraid of this scar and the long term effects it would have on body and my mind,” she wrote.
“I was worried I would feel inadequate, like I didn’t give birth to her. 
“So many different fears lingered, but so many other mamas told me, it would all be okay. And it is.”
Ms Maldonado confessed that the surgery forced her to educate herself, open her mind and forgo her “perfect expectations”.
She said she was proud of her decision and the scar it left, and dismissed her anxiety surrounding the birth as ultimately “silly”.
The post has since received thousands of …