A grateful Cardiff woman is searching for a homeless Good Samaritan who bought tears to her eyes with an act of kindness.
Jess Beynon is desperate to identify the unselfish stranger, who is known only as Darren.
She posted this on Facebook.
“Hi I was wondering if you could share for me. Today I had my faith in society well and truly restored!!!
“While in work today I had received three missed calls from a number I didn’t recognise. Assuming it was something to do with PPI or an accident I’ve had in the last few yeas I ignored them. When the number called a fourth time though I answered ready to give them a mouthful.
“Instead I was asked if I was Jessica and if I was missing anything. I said I didn’t think so and asked who it was.
“It was a guy called Darren who explained he was behind me in the Spar …