The homeless went to the gathering seeking food. But the people who served offered something more – hope, love, a way out.
All they had to do was choose.
Some would. Most would not.
Still, the gifts were not wasted. The people who served also turned out to be people who were changed.
Charity on Wheels is a small Orange County nonprofit established three years ago to get the homeless off the street and onto a path of productive life. It is a long, agonizing, frustrating process.
The group was started by Zach Southall, a Juilliard-hopeful classical guitarist turned grind-core band member (think heavy metal on steroids) turned mortgage financing company president turned marketing CEO. Throw in husband, father of four, director of worship arts at Salem Lutheran Church in Orange, a solemn pact with God and you get a glimpse of his almost manic drive to help what he calls his homeless brothers and …