Brendon Gauthier’s fingers were shaking Thursday as he sat at a computer surrounded by dozens of friends, teachers and family members, waiting to see whether he had been accepted or denied to his top choice, Cornell University.
“It was just the most nervous I’ve felt through all my 17 years of living,” Gauthier told The Sun. “Typing on the computer was very slow to what I normally do.”
The moment, captured on video and already viewed millions of times on social media, ended in celebration as Gauthier was hoisted off of the ground and carried around the room after quickly reading his acceptance letter.
But Gauthier, born and raised in Opelousas, La., said the viral video didn’t catch everything.
“What’s not in there is me crying,” he said. “As soon as I got to my family, I immediately just broke down. Whenever I saw them, I saw my history — I saw my life …