Air travel today offers many irritations, but at least that’s the one place in this world where you can escape phone calls.
Well, maybe not for much longer.
The U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing that airlines have to tell you beforehand if the flight you’re about to get on allows passengers to make voice calls from mobile phones.
Phone calls? On a plane?
Passengers are already dealing with:
the back kickers…
the crying babies ….
the passive-aggressive armrest warriors ….
the loud snorers …
the your-shoulder-as-their-pillow users ….
Now we have to put up with THIS guy?
But don’t go canceling your next flight just yet.
You can’t make in-flight voice calls on your phone using a cell phone signal (that’s already an FCC no-no), but you could make calls using Wi-Fi.
If the airlines would let you. And they won’t.
So this little proposal from the DOT is to protect you if your airline suddenly changed its mind.
The airline would have to …