’Tis the season when we’re happy to hear stories of big-hearted folks out there among all the Grinches, people who take it upon themselves to make a stranger’s holiday merry and bright. Like the Best Buy employees in New York who bought a Wii U for a teenager who visited almost every day to play Smash Bros. at the store.
In a Dec. 7 video posted by a YouTube user who says that he’s a manager at Best Buy, the workers approach the teen as he’s sitting at his usual spot, in front of the store’s display verison of the console.
“We got you this Wii U so you don’t have to come here every day and play it,” the worker says, holding the box, adding, “No, for real, it’s for you,” as the teen seems dumbfounded that the console is really for him.
“This kid came in every single day to …