Chilungamo Chisuse is a locally trained Malawian optician whose business has been transformed by a German NGO called One Dollar Glasses. 
As the name suggests, he now sells glasses for $1 (3,000 kwacha, 94 euro cents). The frames are made from steel wire using a bending machine, the lenses are not glass or plastic, but polycarbonate. The material costs are less than $1 and it takes about 20 minutes to assemble a pair.         
Chisuse’s financial status has changed dramatically for the better since he became a One Dollar Glasses optician. Previously, he couldn’t afford decent accommodation or three meals a day, nor was he in a position to support his relatives. “My life has changed. I used to live in a small house, but now have I changed houses.  I am living in an expensive house,” he told DW.
He is also optimistic about the future. In Malawi, the One Dollar Glasses project is called Good Vision Glasses. 
“I can see …