Stig Broeckx has emerged from his half-year-long coma, but still faces a long road to recovery, according to
Team doctor Servaes Bingé confirmed at the Lotto Soudal camp in Mallorca that Broeckx, who was critically injured in a crash with a race motorcycle, is no longer a coma patient and even spoke a few words.
“He is learning to swallow independently and spoke a few small words for the first time,” Bingé said. “A comatose state is described as a rating of ten (of ten). He is out of a (vegetative) coma and has even gained back some muscular strength. He is no longer a coma patient.”
Broeckx fell into a coma after suffering a severe head injury during the Baloise Belgium Tour on May 28, 2016 when he was involved in a crash sparked when two motorcycles collided and then swerved into the peloton. He underwent multiple surgeries to relieve pressure in his brain, but in June …