“That’s what I’m talking about!” “Yeah!” “Finally!” 
That may sound like cheers from a group of guys watching a football game. But they are binge-watching the revival of “Gilmore Girls,” reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.
“This is ‘Gilmore Girls’ perfection,” said Jesse.
“I should acknowledge I have never seen a second of the ‘Gilmore Girls,’” Tracy admitted.
“Go (expletive) yourself,” Jesse said, laughing. ‘Get out. Get the shotgun, Donny. We’ve got to take care of this guy.”
“Why are you here?” John asked.
“Get me Charlie Rose!” joked Luke.
The only thing more surprising than their utter devotion to the show and its main characters, Rory and Lorelai, is how they got hooked on it in the first place.
“So I found season two. It was unopened in like some library in the middle of a base in Iraq,” Jesse recalled.
Jesse, Luke, Erik and John met as Marines. They …