WATCH ABOVE: A Lethbridge family is making headlines, even grabbing the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie. The birth of a baby girl has made the family six generations strong. And as Christina Succi reports, they are all women, in one unbroken line.
The holidays usually means having a full house, but for one southern Alberta family, the house is now just a little more full.
Callie Elizabeth Grace Marsh is the newest addition to the Marsh family, marking six generations of women in one unbroken line.
“We had pictures of the six generations right in the hospital,” Callie’s mother, 20-year-old Alisa Marsh, said.
“They were all excited.”
Callie was born Friday, Oct. 7 at Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge, Alta.
There to welcome Callie to the world was her mother Alisa, new grandmother 39-year-old Amanda Cormier, great-grandmother 59-year-old Grace Couturier, great-great-grandmother 75-year-old Gwen Shaw, and the matriarch, great-great-great grandmother 96-year-old Vera Sommerfeld.
Sommerfeld became the …