A resident inside rebel-held Aleppo fears civilians are being slaughtered by government militia as the Syrian army and its allies say they are in the “last moments before declaring victory”.
Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West speak to the press about their brief meeting at Trump Tower in New York City.
Twenty-year-old Feliks Zemdegs set a new Rubik’s cube speed-solving world record in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday by solving his cube in just 4.73 seconds.
When a Florida woman was evicted from the house she had lived in for decades, neighbors rallied to help, including one who gave her the ultimate gift: she bought back the house.
Angie Tyma moved back into her longtime home in Hudson, Florida, on Tuesday, which happened to be her 89th birthday, after three weeks of staying at a Days Inn hotel. She told TODAY that losing the house was a scary time, but she was glad to be …