When 88-year-old Angie Tyma was evicted from her home, neighbours rallied to help.
One in particular went the extra mile. Danielle Calder shelled out $167,500 to buy the property and give it back to Ms Tyma on her 89th birthday.
“It’s beautiful!” said Ms Tyma when she saw the fresh paint on the house, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times. “I’m happy I’m home.”
She said normally a neighbor would bake her a birthday cake, but this time she was greeted with a house and the media outside.
Until her birthday, the Hudson, Florida resident lived in a local hotel for three weeks.
“I went through hell and back,” she told USA Today. “I’ve lived in this house for 35 years.”
After her husband died about 20 years ago, a family friend who lives in Europe brought the house, but stopped paying the mortgage and the lender foreclosed on the property. It was sold at auction to an …