WAYNE COUNTY, Ohio – An Ohio family’s excitement quickly turned to devastation over the weekend when their 3-year-old dog died suddenly after delivering seven healthy puppies.
But a sad situation turned into a Christmas miracle thanks to a man from Kentucky, according to WEWS-TV.
Indy, a bulldog, died Saturday after her cesarean section, leaving her owners Daniel and Katie Weese with newborn puppies to care for.
Grieving, they took to their Facebook page — Red White and Bulldogs — to honor their pup.
That’s when they received an unexpected message: “Hey guys I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I want to throw an idea your way, it may or may not help. I have a lab that gave birth yesterday and she lost her pups. She is grieving and producing milk like crazy. If you’re interested it might be worth a try. If we can help let’s us know.” – Macy …