“Lake Tahoe and other reservoirs gained an incredible amount of water from the storm that moved through December 9th and 10th. Check out those numbers! It is unusual for Lake Tahoe to be nearing its natural rim during December.” – NOAA, today
The Atmospheric River storm that just clobbered Lake Tahoe in rain did one good thing:  It filled Lake Tahoe to its rim!
Lake Tahoe just gained 8,690,131,707 gallons of water and rose about 4? in just 2 days last week!  Wow…
Lake Tahoe is now just 0.36 inches from its natural rim.  
The last time that Lake Tahoe was at its natural rim was on September 13th, 2016.
Another very wet, very warm, very rainy storm is headed to Tahoe this week.  Actually, two wet, warm, rainy storms are headed Tahoe’s way this week.
Lots of people here seem confused about how to interpret the chart above… So, here’s a quick annotation to convince …