BRAINTREE (CBS) – Firefighters rescued a man from a massive water tank in Braintree Thursday morning, but his father died after becoming trapped inside.
Rescuers scaled the water tank on Lincoln Street in an effort to pull out the people who were inside. The tank has about 1 million gallons of water inside.
Officials said a business based out of Kentucky, including a father and his two sons, was performing an annual tank inspection.
The father put a wet suit on and dove into the tank. The man was not using an oxygen tank, instead running a line to the ground where it was attached to a compressor.
Something went wrong as he was in the tank, and the man’s oxygen was cut off.
The older of the man’s two sons went into the tank, and nearly drowned as well. Firefighters rescued him and brought him to safety.
Firefighters said the operation has changed from a rescue …