There was something wicked in the air at the River Ridge Tap House in Clemmons, N.C., on Saturday night. Lonnie Wimmer, who was at the tap house around 9 p.m. for a friend’s birthday celebration, began to notice the other patrons behaving oddly.
“People were starting to act a little weird,” Wimmer said to a local TV station, Fox 8. “Heads hurting, people holding their belly going to the bathroom a lot. Some of the adults were acting kind of nauseated, sick.”
Wimmer, too, became nauseous. Customers complained of piercing headaches and twisting guts.
He recognized the symptoms: Carbon monoxide was filling parts of the River Ridge Tap House. When emergency responders later measured the carbon monoxide in the restaurant, they found gas in amounts more than five times the level deemed safe.
Wimmer knew who to call – he was a firefighter with the nearby Lewisville Fire Department. All …