WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas — A city councilman is out — and the beloved library cat he tried to chase off gets to stay,CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reports.
Elzie Clements’ final meeting as a member of the White Settlement City Council was Tuesday night. Clements tried to have Browser, the city’s docile grey tabby library cat, fired this past summer.
Browser got his job at the White Settlement Public Library when he was just a kitten. That was in October of 2010, the library’s website says. He was recruited from a local animal shelter as an inexpensive, effective method of pest control.
In July, a city worker apparently demanded Browser’s removal after the worker was not allowed to bring a puppy to work at City Hall. Two-legged library workers were outraged, and many people who use the library often said that they were unhappy with Bowser’s dismissal. 
The White Settlement City Council took up the issue …