WEST LINN, Ore. — On Wednesday night, as a snowstorm settled over the Portland metro area, Michaela Wagenor found herself stuck on a steep, snow-covered hill in West Linn.
All around her, cars were sliding off South Rosemont Road as the brakes on her Buick Century fought their own battle with gravity.
“I’m spinning and I thought, ‘I’m going to roll back down and hit somebody,’” said Wagenor. “Then, he turned around. I guess he decided he was going to help one last person and he came running up to my window.”
He was Zach Marshall, who’d been busy helping other cars after his own truck succumbed to the hill.
“I got to Michaela’s car and she was crying,” said Marshall. “I got a little girl myself so I was like, ‘no parent should walk away from a crying kid.’”
Marshall helped 20-year-old Wagenor turn her car around and guided her down the hill, out of …