A dramatic rescue played out on a partially-frozen pond in New Jersey Friday evening, and NewsCopter7 was overhead to capture every hoof-dropping moment.
Members of the Sayreville ice rescue team, as well as the local fire and police departments and Animal Control, came to the aid of a deer that had fallen through the ice in Waterworks Park in South Amboy, near South Broadway and O’Leary Boulevard.
“This is a really difficult type of rescue. It’s not a dog that is used to being around humans. This is a deer; it doesn’t necessarily want the help from the humans,” said Shannon Sohn, from Newscopter 7.
It was 30 minutes of pure drama, playing out live from NewsCopter7.
A deer, fell through the partially-frozen pond.
“It was struggling to stay afloat,” said Chris Mierzwiak, Sayreville Fire Department.
Mierzwiak was one of the three firefighters in the icy water.
The 21-year-old has been a firefighter for three years.
Sayreville’s Fire …