An implanted brain chip is helping Nathan Copeland feel his fingers for the first time in a decade.
Copeland, who lost all feeling and movement from the chest down after a car accident in 2004, can also “feel” the fingers of a robotic arm using the chip.
He showed it off Thursday by fist-bumping President Barack Obama.
“Let’s see what you got,” Obama said after meeting Copeland at a science event organized by the White House in Pittsburgh.
“That is unbelievable,” Obama added. “Nathan is moving his hand with his brain.”
Copeland’s the latest patient helping test brain interfaces being designed by a team at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
“I can feel just about every finger. It’s a really weird sensation,” Copeland, 30, said in a statement released by the university.
“Sometimes it feels electrical and sometimes it’s pressure, but …