A dozen-or-so strangers braved the cold Thursday night to build snowmen in Billy Larsen’s front yard.
Thursday evening had been tough for six-year-old Billy, who has autism. He learned that school was canceled the next morning because of weather and that meant his Christmas party at Sherwood Heights Elementary School wouldn’t happen either. Change is often difficult for children with autism and the first-grader took it hard.
After her son and husband went to bed, Holli Larsen tried to think of ways to cheer up her son. He loves snowmen, she thought. He would smile if he looked out the window the next morning and saw a snowman. Building one herself, however, was problematic for several reasons — a sleeping husband who needed to get up early for his job and the chance of Billy awakening. Plus, she admitted, she was exhausted and didn’t feel like getting wet and cold.
On a …