A tropical bird that was found exhausted on a Sussex beach has had an easier journey home – on a 12-hour flight from Heathrow.
Norman, a red-footed booby, was nursed back to health by the RSPCA and flown to the Cayman Islands by British Airways on Friday.
It is not known how the seabird reached the south coast of England.
He will join a flock of fellow booby birds at a nature reserve. The RSPCA said he would be home for Christmas.
Captain Shaun Griffiths, who flew BA0253 from the UK to Grand Cayman, said: “Despite having flown a number of VIPs before, Norman is by far the most unusual.”
The pilot said beaches on the Cayman Islands were among the most beautiful in the world, adding: “We are thrilled he can start the new year in the sunshine.”
Norman was found bedraggled on a pebble beach in St Leonards by a passer-by in September.
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