For some, surfing is a sport, a hobby, and even an art form. For kids in the West Indies, surfing is a luxury.
There isn’t much of a surf scene in the region, but it’s not uncommon to see kids in the ocean playing on rafts made out of wooden planks or styrofoam chunks, said Andrew Everson, owner of 757 Surfboards in Virginia Beach.
To make surfing more accessible for some of those kids, Everson and his surf shop co-owner Robert Seatherton are working to raise funds for surfboards, body boards, and equipment to ship across the Caribbean to their island of Grenada.
Seatherton currently lives in Grenada, and brought the cause to Everson’s attention in late November.
“I came up with the idea while surfing out here. Anytime we’re out, kids will come and join us, crawl all over our surfboards, and ask us to have a go,” Seatherton said.
The group of about half a dozen kids live right next to the ocean, but don’t have …