Rights groups have led a campaign protesting the law on the grounds it sides with rapists rather than protecting victims.
Elie Kayrouz, a member of Lebanon’s parliament who sits on a parliamentary committee tasked with examining the law – article 522 of the penal code – said the committee had agreed to recommend its repeal.
“For article 522 there is consensus among all members of the committee to abolish this article,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a telephone interview.
But the committee has yet to issue a formal statement announcing its decision because it was still working on reforming other elements of the penal code, Kayrouz said.
In order to become law, parliament will have to vote on a bill following the parliamentary committee’s recommendations.
“It is likely that the parliament will pass … the repeal of article 522 as proposed by the committee,” said Rothna Begum, Middle East women’s rights researcher at …