It’s a story that is unbelievable as it is uplifting, but for one South Australian man it’s as real as it gets. Meet Sid James, a 58-year old man from the town of Victor Harbor.
Over two decades in 1993, Sid became a quadriplegic following a bike accident. As fate would have it, that same year he had been training to compete in his first-ever Ironman contest, but the accident ruined those hopes.
However, a miracle has now truly happened for Sid, with news that he has qualified for the Hawaii Ironman event, due to take place in March 2017.
Sid won’t be alone – in order to compete, he’ll be receiving plenty of help from one of his closest friends. Able-bodied mate Kevin Fergusson, himself a veteran Ironman competitor, will tow Sid in three of the Ironman diciplines.
Kevin has spent 12 years competing at Ironman events, participating in over 30. His career has seen …