A dog that was missing an ear and “hours” away from death has a new lease on life — and 70 pretty bonnets too.
Victoria Frazier, Founder of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, came across Abigail’s photo on a Miami shelter’s Facebook page.
“We brought her to our vet and at first didn’t know what happened,” Frazier told ABC News. They could see she was missing an ear and had various other injuries, but it wasn’t until she was shaved for surgery they saw all the old wounds,” she said. “This was not a one-time thing. It was consistent with having been used as bait in a dog fighting ring.”
After her surgery, Abigail had to have her bandages changed constantly to deal with the infection where her ear once was. “One time it looked like a bow,” Frazier said, and that’s how Bonnets for …