A Woman Who Posted Selfies With Her Seriously Underweight Horse Has Been Banned From Keeping The Animals!
Ch?rlott? McPh?rson, 22, took ? s?lfi? with m?lnourish?d underweight ?x r?c?hors? Thor ?nd post?d it on F?c?book , sp?rking doz?ns of compl?ints to th? RSPC?.
On? disgust?d hors?-lov?r who s?w h?r rid? Thor ?t ?n ?v?nt ?ccus?d McPh?rson of hiding th? protruding rib c?g? of th? hors? by putting ? bl?nk?t ov?r it.
Th? RSPC? , which took McPh?rson to court , s?id ‘you could pr?tty much s?? ?v?ry bon? in his body’ ?nd th? ?nim?l would h?v? b??n in ?xtr?m? p?in with th? rid?r s??t?d dir?ctly on his spin?.
McPh?rson, of Kidd?rminst?r, Worc?st?rshir?, ?dmitt?d two counts of ?nim?l cru?lty ?nd w?s disqu?lifi?d from k??ping hors?s for 10 y??rs by Birmingh?m m?gistr?t?s.
Sh? w?s ?lso h?nd?d ? 12 month community ord?r, ord?r?d to c?rry out 160 hours’ unp?id work ?nd p?y £300 costs ?nd ? £60 victim surch?rg?.