There are no shortage of remarkable tales of lost pets travelling, often great distances, to return to their owner’s homes. In the case of a cat named Cleo in the United Kingdom, however, she didn’t just go back home; she was able to find her previous owner’s new home – any nobody has any idea how she did it.
The story begins a few months ago, when Nancy Cowen was placed under the care of staff at the Bramley House nursing facility in Westcott, England. As the facility did not accept pets, Mrs Cowen had to farewell her Cleo, a stray cat who she had adopted 8 years earlier.
According to a local newspaper, Cowen’s family had given the feline to one of her neighbors to take care of. However, as it turns out, Cleo had no intention of leaving Mrs Cowen behind.
Staff at the home explained that about two weeks after Cowen …