An Israeli grassroots campaign aimed at bringing emergency supplies to embattled Syrians has raised some NIS 410,000 ($105,000) in just over two days.
The “Just Beyond the Border” initiative, which opened Thursday night on the online fundraising website Mimoona, has seen thousands of Israelis purchase goods such as blankets, jackets, medicine and food that will be delivered directly to Syrians on the other side of the border.
The aid was particularly geared toward helping Syrian children.
The donated goods will be handed over to Syrians by the Israeli organization Israeli Flying Aid (IFA), which, according to their website, “specializes in bringing life-saving aid to communities affected by natural disasters and human conflict, especially where local regimes prevent entry from formal international humanitarian organizations.”
IFA will work with “the relevant authorities” to bring the goods to Syria, the campaign’s organizers said.
The Israeli call to help Syrians comes amid a brutal …