2016 has been a rather shitty year but this love story of a Pakistani girl and her Indian beau is possibly the most uplifting thing about it. Now, I consider myself a fairly jaded person when it comes to believing in “stories” about these silly concepts like true love and all but these two people’s story shows how love really can win it all. And I’ve been sobbing like a kitten ever since I saw their story being beautifully captured by The Wedding Filmer.
This is the lovely couple, Huda from Pakistan and Maneet from India.
According to BuzzFeed India, Huda is  Muslim and Maneet is Jain who dated for four years before they decided to get married.
But like all great love stories, they were met with opposition from parents
Their parents didn’t accept their children marrying someone outside of their faiths
Here’s their spectacularly breathtaking wedding video:
All the best to Huda and Maneet. And …