A Houston man is alive to see Christmas, thanks to some quick-thinking good samaritans outside of Houston, Texas.
On Sunday, the man’s car veered off the road and crashed, quickly bursting into flames. Bystanders who saw the wreck sprang into action, approaching the car that was on fire and pulling the man out of the car through the window.
Officer Jason Wells with the Pearland Police Department told reporters that by the time his officers had arrived, the man had already been rescued from the car and his vehicle was completely scorched.
“It was even potentially dangerous for the [rescuers] to jump in but they did and moved that driver to safety,” he said.
Some of the rescuers left the scene before the police arrived and have not been identified. But the man was taken to a local hospital and was treated for broken bones.
Wells said that the situation could have ended much differently, had it …