Jamarion Styles has no arms, but is a rising star on the drums. Now, thanks to a group of students at the University of Florida, Styles can perfect his skills with prosthetic arms. 
Styles is not the type of teen who gives up easily. 
“I came in here, I played the drums and I didn’t know how to play and I started teaching myself, and I learned,” said Styles. 
Both of Styles’ arms were amputated at a young age due to a rare bacteria. He brought his ambition to the Milagro Center in Delray Beach and lucky for him, Corey Jones was volunteering to teach kids how to play the drums. 
“He taught me like some different jump styles,” said Styles. “I felt happy.” 
The Milagro Center gave Styles the opportunity to play the drums and because of a partnership with the University of Florida’s Generational Relief in Prosthetics …