A breast cancer charity poster in a railway station toilet has attracted dozens of graffiti messages of support.
The poster in a women’s toilet in Leeds railway station features cancer survivor Michelle Qualtrough.
Mrs Qualtrough, from Surrey, said: “If we can all support each other it’s a wonderful thing.”
Network Rail said the poster, which was put up five years ago, will stay where it is after so many “heart-warming” messages were added.
Anonymous messages scribbled on the poster include:
“Stay strong ladies and remember to talk to your loved ones you will get through it x”
“I love this! For women everywhere”
“I lost my mum and sis – do check!!”
“Big love! x”
Deborah Ward of Network Rail said: “We simply couldn’t replace such powerful and heart-warming messages on a subject which affects so many women so we have kept the poster in place and have no plans to change it any time soon.”
Photographs of the the …