The Detroit Police Department had a special Santa Claus along with them to help the family of a fallen brother in their ranks: Matthew Stafford.
The Lions quarterback joined the effort to help the family of Detroit Police Corporal Myron Jarrett. He was killed by a hit-and-run driver during a traffic stop Oct. 28.
On Wednesday, a crowd gathered at McShane’s Irish Pub. It was thicker than normal for a Wednesday night because it was full of police and Stafford and his family.
“I have a daughter that’s a senior in high school so she’s really taking it hard and her father won’t be there for her graduation so it’s very difficult for her. So this is going to be double for her not having him for the holidays as well as not being at her graduation in June,” his wife, Sacha Jarrett, said.
Detroit police are doing all they can to make sure …