Fort Worth, Texas — “Who here knows what edamame is?” Will Lourcey asks a rapt audience of schoolchildren. Confronted with mostly blank looks, the young Texan, just 13 years old himself, becomes teacher for a moment and explains some of the vegetable’s virtues. It’s popular in Asia, he tells them, and it’s a good source of protein.
“Who wants to try some?” Will implores. “Not me,” replies one reluctant audience member.
From another corner, though, emerges a murmur of acquiescence. To which Will adds: “I think everyone should try some. It’s delicious!”
Will’s presence among the kids of Cavile Place, an economically deprived area in the eastern reaches of Fort Worth, Texas, has become a regular feature. He does so with a purpose: Since the tender age of 7, Will has been focused on feeding the hungry. It all started when he saw a man on a street corner begging for food, …