December 22, 2016 Bangalore, India —When 15-year-old Hari Raghavan was diagnosed as having retinitis pigmentosa and started losing his vision, his elder sister Shanti Raghavan was working as an information technology professional in the United States.
“We called him over to the US,” she recalls. “Though his eyesight had deteriorated a little, my husband and I took him to see cool touristy places like Niagara Falls.” She had him look at colors in contrasting arrangements so he could see with the little vision he had.
After his eyesight had further deteriorated, Ms. Raghavan called her brother over to the US again. This time, Raghavan and her husband, Dipesh Sutariya, took a perhaps surprising approach: They made him participate in adventure sports.
“We focused on what he could still do, rather than focusing on what he couldn’t. We made him go swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, hot-air ballooning, and snorkeling in the ocean. …