It’s just the first day of winter and so for the next few months, many people across the country will be taking part in quintessentially Canadian winter pastimes like tending to the backyard rink or grabbing a coffee from Tim Hortons. While doing those things won’t get you all that much attention, combining the two certainly will.
That’s exactly what a 34-year-old manager of a crane business did on Tuesday when he wheeled his Zamboni through the Tim Hortons drive-thru in Stony Plain, Alta.
“I ordered a large hot chocolate and came through the drive-thru – there was about three people sticking their heads out the window, all smiling and telling me this is the best thing they’ve ever seen and no worries about the order (because) the lady in front of me actually picked up my order,” Jesse Myshak said.
Myshak said he recently bought the Zamboni to use on the backyard …