CINCINNATI (WKRC) – He is best known for his job as quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals. But, Andy Dalton deserves some recognition for much more than that.
He and his wife Jordan started the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation in 2015.
They focus much of their efforts on bringing smiles to children’s faces and making life easier for them and their families.
Earlier this month, Andy and Jordan held their annual “Holiday Hearts” event where they delivered presents to local kids, played games with them and even had a Build A Bear station.
As Bleacher Report notes, the two even secretly pay for Children’s hospital bills.
A video on Bleacher Report’s Facebook page says the foundation has helped “73 families in the Cincinnati and Fort Worth areas to help ease the burden of medical expenses and help kids get the treatment they need.”
The work accomplished by his foundation is a big reason why Andy …