Peter Louw recently had a big meeting with some musicians from the University of British Columbia.
“I couldn’t sleep,” the 83-year-old said.
The senior was going to learn how to conduct an orchestra — a dream over 50 years in the making.
Louw was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1933. He often listened to the orchestra as a child, dreaming of the day he could be a part of the show.
However, in 1948, South Africa fell under an apartheid government and race-based laws were enacted.
Whites were segregated from other races, and opportunities for non-whites were stripped away.
That meant Louw, who is of mixed descent, wasn’t allowed to join the orchestra like he’d always wanted.
Eventually, he and his wife Millie decided to move to Canada, not wanting to raise their two sons under the apartheid’s rules.
The family eventually settled in Chilliwack, and Louw became a teacher after studying education at UBC.
His dream …