BICKNELL, Ind. – The newest employee at a McDonald’s in southwest Indiana is not the average employee. He’s a bit younger. Well actually a lot younger.
Meet 7-year-old Trenton Gardner.
A McDonald’s in Bicknell, Indiana made him an honorary employee this week, WTHI reports.
“He asked for a job and they told him that he was too young, and he burst into tears because he was so upset,” Rhonda Butler, the general manager, told WTHI. “He was very perseverant, every time he would come in he was like ‘am I hired? Do I get a job? Can I start?’ you know he was like I can make food, I can do that.”
So now he’s wiping down tables all with a smile on his face for a little bit of cash.
“You see when I wipe the tables and customers are at the tables, I get paid for it,” Garner said.
But the money isn’t for …