More than 100 dogs destined for butchers’ blocks in China are about to find new homes in Canada thanks to Humane Society International (HSI).
“I’m ecstatic,” HSI Canada executive director Rebecca Aldworth told CTV News on Friday.
“When we found these dogs, they were at a dog meat festival,” she said. “They were crammed into rusty iron cages so tightly together that they couldn’t move. They were gasping for air. They had open wounds and sores all over their bodies. They were dehydrated, emaciated. It was clear they hadn’t had food for days.”
Although the practice remains taboo in much of Europe, North America and the Islamic world, the consumption of dog meat is relatively commonplace, especially in Asian countries like China, Vietnam and South Korea. In China, moreover, the city of Yulin’s annual dog meat celebration sees thousands of the animals slaughtered for food every June. Aldworth describes …