The Animal Protection Society of Durham received a big gift from a secret Santa — a $10,000 donation. The shelter is using the money to waive adoption fees on all animals, hoping to help dozens of animals find a new home.
The shelter is close to capacity with about 200 there in need of a forever home and they’re hoping to clear out all the pets on their adoption floor now that there is no fee.
Typically the fee can run anywhere from $95 to $150 (depending on the animal) and covers spay or neutering, vaccines, tests, medication and a microchip.
Now, all of that is taken care of thanks to the generosity of a community member who’s asked to remain anonymous.
Folks at the shelter said this kind of generosity is what their organization runs on as they have less than 30 staff members and about 300 volunteers.
Shelter Director, Shafonda Davis, has a …